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We mean much more than just making more money (though money is a part). My wife, Jess, has been a professional portrait photographer for many years but didn’t always get what she wanted out of her business. It wasn’t until she started mastering the business side of her photography business that she started getting what she wanted.

So I’ve put together a totally free photography business training course just for photographers to show you exactly how you can get your business in shape. Best of all this course is FREE.

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“Photographers gain so much from learning from Greg that we’ve talked him into teaching at our workshops. He’ll open your eyes to what your photography business can actually be like.”

Katie, Peek a Boo Photos

If you are like most portrait and wedding photographers, you do want to make more money but money isn’t everything. I teach the secrets to business that will allow you to get what you really want out of your business.

In the free course I review how to:

  • Make more money in less time

  • Create great relationships with awesome clients and other photographers

  • Buy equipment you “NEED” such as camera, lenses and backdrops (OK, maybe you really, really WANT)

  • Be recognized for the awesome value you create

  • Go to the best workshops without emptying your bank account

  • Keep photography fun and exciting instead of a dreaded job

  • and much more!

There are two parts to your photography business that need to both be working:

Part 1:   PHOTOGRAPHY                                    Part 2:   BUSINESS

It is the BUSINESS part that keeps most photographers from getting the most out of their business – pricing, marketing, sales, outsourcing, packages, legal forms, growing sales and much more.  We all know OK photographers that are great at business and make great money (grrr!). We also all know far too many great photographers that aren’t good at business that are struggling (bigger grrrrr!). I hear all the time from great photographers how challenging their business is to grow and improve.

So, I’ve put together the best free training on the business side of a photography business to help you get what you want. Just enter your name and email and that’s it – all free. And this isn’t some sneaky MLM where I’m actually selling you something. The first video teaches some of the biggest secrets to running a successful photography business and even includes examples with worksheets for you to put them into practice in your own business.


“Greg, what I learned from you was simply amazing. Honestly, I was blown away at how practical and insightful it was. More than anything, I left feeling more confident and excited at the value that I provide as a photographer making me love my photography business even more. Thanks!”

Rebekah, Westover Photography

In the first video you'll get:

  • A 4 step plan to mastering the business side of your business

  • The 2 most important secrets to a successful photography business

  • The 3 things that HAVE to be working together in order to be successful

  • A free tool to check if your pricing really will work or not – and what to do if it doesn’t

I’ll also walk you step by step through an example of how to get started and give you free worksheets for you to follow along with your own business. Start getting the most out of your photography business by checking out the video today.

You may be asking why I’d do all of this for free. So let me be really transparent here. My vision is to help you reach your vision. I create training videos that are so unquestionably valuable to your photography business, that you are excited to get these trainings and will share them with the many other photographers that you know.

I was blown away to see how little I was actually making an hour! Greg taught me how to raise my prices AND get more clients. Simply amazing…”

, Ashley Mae Photography

I believe that you do more as a photographer than just take pictures and even more than capture timeless moments. We see that you are building self-confidence in people, increasing connection in families and helping people increase their joy. And you do this one wedding at a time, one family at a time, one person at a time. I  know this because when my kids see themselves in great photography, it helps them to remember how amazing they are – and that is an amazing gift to give to someone. To do that exceptionally well, you need to master both the PHOTOGRAPHY as well as the BUSINESS parts of a photography business. We show you how to master the business side – without killing the photography side. Down the road, if you come to a business workshop or buy an advanced training from me, great. If not, that is fine as long as this totally free training truly served you, which in turn serves your clients.

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